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Re: Did Voyager get better or worse when Kes was replaced with 7 of 9?

exodus wrote:
It's not about being hostile but rather stating what I know through my education about the behind the scenes business of how TV production works. Kes fans insist on Lien begin fired was something personal against them, they refuse to understand the decision was a business one which has nothing to do directly with them. For example, you just agreed that there are more viewers that didn't like Kes over those that do, then why are Kes fans so hostile toward TPTB for doing what was clearly in the best interest of the majority of the viewing audience?
First of all, I've worked in the entertainment business myself so I know a lot about what sort of business which goes on behind the curtains, not only nice things.

I don't see the dumping of Kes as a personal insult to be or the Kes fans. I see it as a cruel, stupid and unnecessary decision which they tried to cover up with vague statements. "Fury" is another story, that one was a deliberate insult to the Kes fans.

Are you actually reading what I'm writing? In the text quoted above you point out that I agred that there were more fans who didn't like Kes than who did like the character. That's not what I wrote! I wrote that "there are many fans who like Kes, maybe more than those who dislike her".

As for liking, Neelix was clearly the most disliked character on the show but they didn't dump him. Kim wasn't that popular either. So much for "fan feed back"! And if they really cared for the fans, they shouldn't have come up with such an insulting episode as "Fury".

So you mean that if Kes had stayed, the viewers would have abandoned Voyager. Now that is qualified rubbish! And the dumping of Kes was "for the greater good". That's actually cruel. But of course, I didn't know that Kes was the reason for all that's bad in Star Trek. Obviously it was her fault that TOS was abandoned in 1969 and "Enterprise" was dumped after three seasons. Silly me who didn't realize that.

As for dumping Kes "for the greater good", that reminds me of certain "big political bosses" who also "dumped" people "for the greater good", for the building of socialism and who knows what. Isn't it a nice society we have created?

As for hostility to "TPTB", well I got a reason for disliking them. However, I will still give them credit for TNG. That was a good show!

exodus wrote:
You aren't enough. Paramount want Trek to be just as marketable as Star Wars. Trek has been around decades longer but the there is no reason why with the right marketing every child, every adult be they a die hard fan or not have some type of Trek merchandise in their home. Be it a t-shirt, video game, poster or coffee cup. That's their goal.
As far as J.J. Abrams film, the same argument was made by TOS fans when they announced TNG going into production. TOS fans refused to get on board and watch TNG because it was new and different but TNG found a new audience and millions of new Trek fans were born before the TOS fans gave in and started to watch. Abrams films will find and create a new generation of Trek fans before the old school ones accept it.
I took myself and my latest buying of Trek stuff as an example that even a dissatisfied fan might buy some of the few good Trek things available, thus adding to the Paramount hotshot's wallets. Not only happy fans invest in Star Trek stuff.

As for comparing the Abrams movie with TNG, those in charge didn't screw up the Star Trek universe as much in TNG as they have done with this new "Abramsuniverse".

Hopefully they will bring in Yoda and Chewbacca soon. Maybe that's a new campaign for me?
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