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Re: Vorta telepathic abilities

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I miss the telekinetic blasts. It would have been something great to explore with the Vorta.

As for Eris not bowing to Odo, she was on a deep cover mission to get into the AQ and learn more about Starfleet. Grovelling at his feet would give the game away.
That's assuming Eris KNEW there was a changeling on DS9, which she didn't. The Vorta revere to changelings as gods and would've she would've been surprised and caught off guard to see Odo. Like I said though the developing team of DS9 hadn't thought up the whole god angle for Odo's people so that's why it's absent.

There is some wiggle room for the Vorta to being genetically altered to have special powers. OH GOD NOW THEY'RE SULIBAN

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