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Re: Unique strengths of each series ?

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TOS: The Kirk/Spock/McCoy dynamic is quite possibly the best such friendship in Trek, Starfleet is as honest about its military background as it will ever get, and the Enterprise actually feels like a real ship. Also best episodic music.

TNG: Accessable to non-fans while at the same time offering something for regular viewers, excellent insight to alien cultures, some of the more memorable characters in Trek.

DS9: Best utlization of all the main cast, plus prominent parts for recurring guest stars and a long-term story arc that actually got resolved.

VGR: Best action scenes, good story ideas, excellent ship designs. Best theme music.

ENT: Best visuals.
Well said... although I always felt like TOS fell short on showing us really close friendships. The moments given were all too brief. DS9 seemed to excel in this area. Best interpersonal drama of the whole franchise, IMHO... with VOY a close second.

TNG was a bit too clean for my tastes. The morals were laid on quite thick at times. I really wished that they took more liberties in the final seasons, with a bit more controversy and stretching character limits.

ENT had some terrific battle scenes and benefited from improvements in CGI technology. Story wise, it got off to a very dull start, but then started to pick up in S3. There was so much potential lined up... but then sadly scuttled before it could be realized.
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