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Re: Where was Earth's Leader?

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The people are irrelevant.

But if they take the moon?

That's unacceptable.

Have you played Future Risk?

There's a separate board for the Moon.

You take rockets up there and then rain nukes on the stupid terrans.

If you let these hypothetical malcontents declare independence only to find that 6 weeks later that they're trying to decide if they should join the Dominion or the Romulan Star Empire, it all just sounds too much like the Cuban Missile Crisis in Space to me.
Please. An independent Luna would still be dependent on the Federation for its national defense -- it's not like a threat to Earth wouldn't be a threat to Luna, too -- and would be dependent on Federation good will to keep its shipping lanes open. The Federation would easily be able to prevent rival powers from setting up shop on Luna, and would certainly be able to obtain treaty guarantees of Lunar neutrality or alliance.

Think less "Cuba" and more "Republic of Ireland."
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