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I started watching Entourage yesterday. I saw all of the first season in one sitting and now I'm halfway through season 2, the big Aquaman season. I liked the first few episodes when I saw them years ago, but the first season didn't do anything for me when I saw it last night. Then everything started to gel and I'm loving season 2. It's a pretty good show. I love the sensationalism of LA/Hollywood life and the characters are fun to watch, especially Ari. I didn't think a show could have people getting laid more often than Hank Moody. I also like seeing the struggles and money issues of a movie star. Can't wait to see the rest of the show.

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Some of it was pretty much true to life...
Considering one of the producers was Mark Wahlberg and it was loosely based on his rise to fame, not surprising.
So we can expect Vince to settle down then? Not necessarily saying it'll happen, but Wahlberg certainly changed from his younger days.
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