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Re: Do you think Star Trek needed a reboot?

My Name Is Legion wrote: View Post
How about the new direction of all the characters not standing around chattering superficially but at length about alleged Big Ideas while boring the audience to tears?

That's certainly been an improvement.
Well, I guess you only watch Star Trek for the pictures.

SeerSGB wrote: View Post
I think you hit on something: The reason it feels--for me at least--like TOS condensed is that we already have a history with these characters.
Yes, with all those Easter eggs and whatnot, it is a kind of Reader's Digest Trek, but excluding the most important bit: A sense of optimism based on a better, though not overly idealist view of the future.

Greg Cox wrote: View Post
Besides, you seem to be working on the assumption that reboots are a bad thing to be avoided at all costs.
Trek was arguably overdue for a reboot . . . and where's the harm in that?
A good question. A reboot, by it very nature, emphasises that what we are looking at is just a commodity, like an updated version of brand X washing powder. It takes away the alot of the idea that this is something of value with it's own internal history. Indeed something pretty rare, given it's longevity. From that point of view, what they actually did was one of the writer’s better choices IMO, with no real down-side (if you believe it is worthy of the name). Of course to take advantage of that we would have to stop pretending that it is a reboot. It isn’t, even though it accomplishes many of the same goals. The causal connection (in universe) prevents it from being one, of course.

Yes, I know people will keep calling it a reboot. That's just too convenient a word, and I doubt there's another one.

A Very Jewel Christmas wrote: View Post
A part of me thinks that a series set in the prime universe's future could work. Maybe have the Federation collapse or focus more on alien races, but it really wouldn't be Star Trek anymore. The series was at it's best when it was humanity dealing with something, but never letting our worst aspects control us.
And yet I have read people claim TNG didn't make enough references to TOS. Without computers a little fact checking could have been a pain, but it should be pretty easy nowadays, especially if your future is 100 years along from TNG.

Oh and maybe we could compare notes on why something might not be Star Trek any more (see above).
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