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Re: Worst lines of dialogue in the entire series?

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Just about the entire script of "Let That Be Your Last Battlefield," is cringeworthy, but this exchange pretty much sums it up:
LOKAI: You see, you are from the planet Earth. There is no persecution on your planet. How can you understand my fear, my apprehension, my degradation, my suffering?
CHEKOV: There was persecution on Earth once. I remember reading about it in my history class.
SULU: Yes, but it happened way back in the twentieth century. There's no such primitive thinking today.
Subtle as a wrecking ball.

CaptPapa wrote: View Post
First one the comes to mind . . . "Double Red Alert!"
Which episode was that in? Makes me think of "Double Secret Probation."
Still love Gorshin in that.

True Story: I've always wanted to tell Gorshin how much I enjoyed his performance in LTBYLB...I was waiting on a guy once, and this woman who worked with me was telling me how familiar he looked. I was like, "enh."

Then after he left, she figured out it was Gorshin...not too long after he died. (sigh)
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