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Re: "The Dark Knight Rises" Review and Discussion Thread (spoilers)

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The back thing is a whole other can of worms.

Here's a tip kids: If you ever dislocate some vertebrae? You can't just have someone punch them back into place, force you to stand up, and then be all set to go.
The knee thing isn't too bad.

I know 2 guys who have shot knees. One pretty much has no cartilage, same as in the movie. The guy can walk, but not run. And he's in constant pain that he has to manage.

I supposed Bruce could have fought thru excruciating pain and probably risk permanent knee inmobility to fight Bane.

But the back thing? No way. Go look at a diagram of a human spine. You think vertebrae can just "snap" back into place from being dislocated? You can't "dislocate" anything in the spine, even the spinal discs are glued tightly to the vertebrae.

When someone "slips" a disc, what actually happens is you tear the cartilage in the middle, and if it's bad enough it will press on nerves going down the spinal column, giving symptoms of sciatica, and in severe cases can damage the spinal cord.

So no, breaking something in your back is not a thing that you "snap" back into place and then keep on training.

If they wanted to keep it realistic, they could have went the route of having surgeons patch him up, which is what I expected to happen.

It only dissapoints me because I wanted to love this movie as much as I loved the first 2.
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