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Re: Space Battleship Yamato 2199

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It's good, there's no doubt about it, but there's no real sense that the writers and directors are going above and beyond because it's a remake.
I guess we'll agree to disagree; because (IMO); I do feel they are in fact going above and beyond as it were; and that's one reson this remake is so good. Over the years they've done many piss-poor remakes of 1970ies and 1980ies era anime 9look at the various re-takes on MS Gundam over the last decade, that tried to re-tell the original plot with a 'fresh' angle - and how bad most of those turned out.

I think they've done a stellar job of keeping the story major plot elements, and characters intact; while at the same time modernizing the original story and seamlessly adding some new elements (and characters) as well.

That's not easy to do.

As for why there isn't a lot of talk or interest here in the West per se. let's face it:

1) if you're under 40; chances are (even if you are an anime fan casual or otherwise); you don't, or barely know of Space Battleship Yamato - and even back in the heyday (mid to late 1980ies to 1990ies when there were a lot of weekend clubs and conventions showing actual anime direct from Japan) - Yamato was an 'older' series.

2) With the internet, and the fact there are still one or two companies bringing anime over - a lot of fans don't want to deal with series until it's released here in some form; so until Yamato 2199 gets a legitimate release (unlikely honestly with the film rights still held - which is probably why neither the 2009 'Yamato Rebirth' nor the 2010 live action film saw a dubbed or even subbed release); or subbed copies get spread via torrents, you won't see anyone but die-hards (like myself and others) who are willing to pay for the region-free subbed Blu-Rays really talking about it.

If I thought there was a chance of seeing this relatively soon from a western distributor on Blu-Ray - either subbed or dubbed - I would be shelling out $106 (with shipping) per disc; and if I didn't think they were also doing an amazing job (so far) in re-telling and updating the original Yamato storyline; I wouldn't be spending the cash either. YMMV.
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