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Re: Vorta telepathic abilities

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That is Vorta stuff. They even have the ability to commit suicide at a whim, just for that purpose.
But the thing is, they won't use that ability except at gunpoint, which both defeats the purpose and tells us a lot about the Vorta.

After "Jem'Hadar", we never saw a Vorta who'd willingly sacrifice his or her own life or comfort for the Dominion cause, whereas we saw quite a few who would betray the Dominion for same.
Weyoun 6 did just that thing, well after "Jem'Hadar." Sure, he ran away from certain death (self-preservation is a good thing, even in a more-or-less disposable servant - they can't serve if they are dead), but he was still fulfilling his purpose of serving his gods - or, at least, one of them (and he was doing it to preserve the Dominion, in his own way), and did everything in his power to make sure said god wasn't brought to harm, including suiciding.
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