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Re: Do you think Star Trek needed a reboot?

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No its plodding and slow and tries to wow with SFX to make up for a weak storyline.

What SF ideas were explored in TMP?
I've discovered that it is impossible to watch sober. I'm convinced that if you removed all the spaceship porn it would be roughly 20 minutes of people looking at things.

You'd hate Fringe then. It deals a lot with alternate universes and differences in the characters. It isn't like they're the evil universe, just different. So they are just as developed as the version you've been following so far. They just went through slightly different experiences. With Fringe you get to see the cast may multiple versions of what is supposed to be the same person, displaying their range and making the storyline interesting because you don't always know how some characters will actually behave.

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You know how the movie felt, a little--anyone that's into anime will know what I mean, one of those anime movies that condenses down and retells the story of the series but in a 2 or 3 hours movie instead of multiple episodes. It was Do You Remember Love (not as good mind you), the same concept: Condense and retell the series in a movie format.
Not really, it was a self contained and original story. Something that was nice in comparison to all TNG movies which were stretched out episodes that should have been resolved 30 minutes in.
I got the feeling we got the condense version of Kirk's life. As if in the original timeline--minus Vulcan getting sucked into a intergalactic hoover--the same events would have played out on a longer scale. This wasn't retelling TOS, so much as hitting the important background notes, and then moving on.
I can see that. To me it was a little like the beginning of Star Wars. We meet Luke before he discovers his destiny and get a glimpse of his life. The movie actually follows some of those beats. There is even that shot of Luke watching the setting suns imagining his future which is similar to Kirk seeing the Enterprise being constructed while imagining a future in Starfleet. I can forgive them skipping nearly all of his time at the Academy because it would have turned in space Harry Potter without the interesting bits. So we get to see him cheat on the Kobayashi Maru test, which provides conflict between him and Spock. If they had decided to make them BFFs from the start, they probably would have never shown it all.
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