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Re: UT: Refugee Crisis/Dark Territory-"Stealing Fire"

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USS Erickson
Main Bridge

Commander Donar removed himself from the guts of the tactical console as he heard its innards start to hum with new life. He stood up, dusting off his knees. He squinted at the increased lighting on the bridge. He strode aft, ignoring the wreckage, of men and materiel, all around him. “Lt. Jilicia, report.”

The Boslic was hunched over a makeshift ops console, converted from one of the auxiliary stations. A deep purple bruise matching her hair color ran down the length of one side of her face. Looking up into the shadow looming over her, she replied, “Captain, the power grid is at minimum capacity.”

Tai grunted approval. “How long until we reach full power?” Before the woman could reply, a proximity warning blared through the bridge. “What was that?” The Angosian asked the perplexed science officer.

“Let’s see if the viewer is working?” Lt. French offered.

“Put whatever caused that alert onscreen,” Donar ordered. A collective gasp ran through the bridge personnel as a large, pyramid shaped vessel, the color of molten lava, flew over them. Though he had never faced one in combat, the Angosian knew that only one interstellar power had ships fashioned in a triangular configuration: Tholians. And something in his gut told him that their sudden arrival wasn’t happenstance.

“Shields,” Tai ordered as he watched the ship pass Erickson on a course for the pirate vessel…and Lt. Ramlo.

“The best we can do right now is %15 percent,” the petty officer at the engineering terminal replied.

“Then do it, but make sure to concentrate shielding over the Engineering section,” Donar said, determined not to remain stranded out in this gods forsaken patch of space any longer than necessary. And warp core breaches would be less than optimal as well. “What about weapons?”

“That’s a little better,” replied the ensign who had taken over the restored tactical station. “Phaser banks are at %20.”

“Hail the Tholian vessel,” Tai ordered.

“No reply sir,” Jilicia answered. He repeated the request and got the same reply.

“Tholian vessel is powering weapons,” the auxiliary tactical officer yipped.

“Hail the pirate vessel,” Donar barked, his emotions getting the best of him. The marauder didn’t seem to have taken notice of the Tholian warship. It hadn’t taken any evasive maneuvers, increased shields, or charged weapons. What’s going on over there? Tai wondered, his concern for Ramlo growing.

“Fire a warning blow off the Tholian ship’s bow,” the Angosian commanded. Before the order could be carried out, the Tholians unleashed a devastating salvo at the hapless pirate vessel. Tai paused, watching the beautiful destruction as the disruptors stitched across the pirate ship’s hull, shattering its weak shielding as it punched through its hide.

After the first assault, the Tholian vessel curiously stopped. “Belay my previous order, and check the status of the pirate vessel.”

Jilicia rapidly said, “The freighter has suffered extensive damage. Both weapons and propulsion are inoperative, and the shields are gone too. The structural integrity field is in danger of collapsing.” The corsair was in bad shape, but the Tholians hadn’t destroyed it…yet.

Donar grunted, reassessing the situation. “Try hailing the Tholians again,” Donar said, reasoning that maybe the pirate ship had done some injustice in Tholian space. If that was so, he was certain that a mutually beneficial arrangement could be worked out without engaging in actions that could lead to interstellar war.

“Hail received, and is being answered,” Jilicia didn’t attempt to hide her happiness at the news.

The view screen flickered several seconds before the fiery countenance of a Tholian appeared. “Captain, Starfleet vessel, in the interest of continued peace between our nations, I will ask you only once not to intervene.” The Tholian commander ended the message as curtly as s/he had spoken.

“The Tholians have just activated a transporter beam,” the Boslic science officer replied. “They have taken the polaric ion generator from the pirate vessel.”

So that’s what they came after, Tai realized, shifting his jaw, his face taking on an even more determined cast. “Move to intercept them with whatever juice this ship can muster. We can’t let the Tholians take that device.”
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