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Re: Do you think Star Trek needed a reboot?

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TMP is my fav too, but it's Changeling with the serial numbers filed off. Hardly original.
Star Trek has rarely been original to those who know their sci-fi. It's all about the execution and the execution in TMP is superlative.
No its plodding and slow and tries to wow with SFX to make up for a weak storyline.

What SF ideas were explored in TMP?
I've discovered that it is impossible to watch sober. I'm convinced that if you removed all the spaceship porn it would be roughly 20 minutes of people looking at things.

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Still, that's a bit different than saying the movies need to get back to ideas and exploration.
Well I'm not necessarily averse to starting things off with a bang. It just came off as hollow due to its lax narrative, and even more so when we are TOLD IN THE MOVIE that we're literally watching some alternate universe characters. May as well have been a feature-length mirror universe episode.
You'd hate Fringe then. It deals a lot with alternate universes and differences in the characters. It isn't like they're the evil universe, just different. So they are just as developed as the version you've been following so far. They just went through slightly different experiences. With Fringe you get to see the cast may multiple versions of what is supposed to be the same person, displaying their range and making the storyline interesting because you don't always know how some characters will actually behave.

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Some of us find sci-fi ideas more interesting than "FIRE EVERYTHING!" lens flare shenanigans.

Still, I think it's best to judge JJ-Trek on the following film really. Star Trek 2009 made Star Trek a sell to the public again and that's what it's best to consider it as. It's up to this next film to deliver on ideas and exploration.
Well I found the aspects of time travel, alternate universes with familiar yet different versions of characters and the characters knowing that they are branch of another timeline and that their lives were radically altered by a single event. Yet, they all seem to come together as if despite the different pasts, there is a certain fate for those characters. Kirk is meant to be captain, Pike is meant to be injured and Spock is meant to work with Kirk and eventually become Kirk's friend. You also have Spock dealing with the near extinction of his people as well as the personal trauma of seeing his mother killed in front of him.

I'm fairly sure those were ideas.
You know how the movie felt, a little--anyone that's into anime will know what I mean, one of those anime movies that condenses down and retells the story of the series but in a 2 or 3 hours movie instead of multiple episodes. It was Do You Remember Love (not as good mind you), the same concept: Condense and retell the series in a movie format.
Not really, it was a self contained and original story. Something that was nice in comparison to all TNG movies which were stretched out episodes that should have been resolved 30 minutes in.
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