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Re: Do you think Star Trek needed a reboot?

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Yeah, cause no Trek movie has had a big space battle or was exploration focused. I'm mean look at TMP, uh no that was about saving the Earth, but close... II...Uh III...okay IV, no that was time travel to stop the destruction of Earth...V, there you go that was about exploration--sort of...VI? no...Generations? No....FC? Oh hell no. Insurrection, meh exploration but still cashed in one the ground and space battles...Nemesis, yeah not really mostly the battle but it wasn't Earth focused, except for Nero trying to destroy the Earth.

Trek movies have never really been about exploration.
The difference is though, we'd had season after season of different types of stories and ideas. The creative teams had 'earned' the right to let their hair down when it came to the movies.
Still, that's a bit different than saying the movies need to get back to ideas and exploration. And look at DS9, it turned into largely Space Above and Beyond in the final years.

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Trek movies have never really been about exploration.
I'd say The Motion Picture is a film about journeying in to the alien and unknown, with a strong emphasis on sci-fi ideas over action.

Why it's my favourite .
TMP is my fav too, but it's Changeling with the serial numbers filed off. Hardly original.
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