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Re: "The Dark Knight Rises" Review and Discussion Thread (spoilers)

Uhm. Batman has a flying vehicle that is aerodynamically impossible and Bane stole a FUSION REACTOR the size of a small car and you're complaining about Bruce Wayne's bum knee and "broken" back. How come you are not complaining that Selina Kyle is running around and fighting in high heel boots.
The movie had several problems which it was not able to surpass.
I'm not a fan of "The Bat" either, simply because I also know enough about engineering to know that thing would never be able to truly fly. I'm also not a fan of the whole overblown "fusion reactor" stuff.

However, this is all stuff that has to do with technology that Bruce Wayne has access to because he's filthy stinkin' rich! The whole point of the Batman films is that he can fight crime with the highest technology money can afford. So it's easier to suspend disbelief at a Fusion Reactor, simply because, with enough money, research can be payed for an breakthroughs like that are possible.

Even a similar vehicle to the bat might be possible with some engineering changes.

I had my complaints about Catwoman also, like how she is a "good hearted" criminal, and how easy it was to have her help Bruce/Batman. The whole "wipe your identity" program was silliness as well.

I could live with those issues. I cannot believe in any way shape or form, that the Bruce we saw at the beginning of the movie (whom was so easily defeated by Catwoman simply by having his cane kicked off his hand) would possible be able to make that jump out of that pit (Remember his knee has zero cartilage left, and you cannot just "snap" a spinal disc back into place! Fuck fuck that's not the way the back works!! If you crush something like a vertebrae or a spinal disc, YOU NEED FUCKING SURGERY! End of story!)

This is why the movie lost me by that point.

For your average action flick where the hero never gets hit with bullets, and can walk perfectly with shards of metal shoved into his leg muscles (Eraser, I'm looking in your direction!) this is perfectly acceptable silliness, because most people already KNOW that's what they're going to see.

For TDKR, it gave up its original premise to try to keep everything realistic, and turned into a straight up cornball action flick at the end, even with the cliche "Must toss the bomb away from the city" and the "fake death"

Personally I just couldn't believe Bruce Wayne was in any shape to get up and beat Bane in a fist fight. The story failed to make me believe that.
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