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Re: First glimpse of new TARDIS control room!

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How so? It's still there. I'm not quite sure what actually moves in tbe column this time (I think it's just the central bit with two crystalish doodads that rise and descend to meet in the middle, and six lit columns not moving at all) but it's arguably the most detailed of the central columns in the new series so far. The previous central columns were simple plastic tubes and a blown glass sex aid with shiny bits around it; the latest edition has both oscilating and rotating parts including the carousel. Pretty cool IMO.

I miss the uppy downy Rotor and don't want the magic roundabout to be the notice that "we're time traveling now". Since it's on the ceiling the camera will have to pan up or have a quick shot of it. The moving Rotor in the background is central and less emphasis needs to be placed on it. Doesn't look like the new one moves but we'll know more in the new year.
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