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In the year 2013... A man eating plants special with Psychic Nikki!

Hello everyone, 2012 is fading as I write this, 2013 is closing in fast, and you wonder, what will it bring us? What will happen to us?

Well, stop worrying, the one and only Psychic Nikki is here!

I know, I know, the lady is somewhat hit or miss, the dinosaur and the killer panda failed to materialize, etc, etc

But come on, what other psychic gives you predictions with so much fun in them?

So let's go, here they are, taken fresh from

16. Man-eating plants.
Here we start to see her genius, besides the average nuclear attacks, meteors, storms and earthquakes, this is the psychic that has the guts to predict man eating plants!

23. Civil War will break out in the USA.
And this on top of the meteor, earthquake, etc. She keeps dreaming big, sorry USA, I guess it's your turn for an extra dose of DOOM

26. The manufacturing of portable panic rooms due to the increase in home invasions.
By "portable", she means that people will carry these things around the house? When going to the bathroom or something?

28. An escalator accident in New York with many people killed.
And small details such has "how is an escalator going to kill all these people" are left to our imagination, thanks Nikki.

66. Live turtles in a plane.
Stand aside snakes, now it's turtles! On a plane!

82. Tragedy at Cape Haterus
Going trough the list I see tragedy, tragedy, tragedy, does that mean that we're going to have a global tour of Shakespeare or something?

97. Giant prehistoric sea monsters under the sea.
101. A hole in the earth's core.
Prehistoric sea monsters from the earth's core! On top of global earthquakes and the second US Civil War! Puny humans, your doom is at hand.

4. Prince William and Kate becoming parents to at least one child maybe twins.
And this is my personal favorite, gosh, you mean that that pregnant woman might give birth? No shit Sherlock!
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