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With the proviso that this is all speculative: It could, hypothetically, be off-limits to the novels if the novels didn't have the license for that particular part of the franchise. The Star Trek license is not automatically one big thing that encompasses the whole shebang. There have been times in the past where a tie-in publisher has had the license to only certain aspects of the Trek universe. For instance, Marvel in 1980-82 only had the license to ST:TMP and wasn't allowed to feature elements specific to TOS (although they managed to slip a number of references past the radar). Later, Malibu got the DS9 comics license instead of DC, so they could do DS9 and DC couldn't (though the two companies collaborated on a crossover). And currently IDW only has TOS and TNG (and Abramsverse) licenses so they can't do a DS9, VGR, or ENT comic (though they have slipped in references or characters from those on occasion).

Again, though, I'm only speaking hypothetically. Clearly S&S's young adult imprint has a license to do the Abramsverse Academy novels, so...
That hypothetical scenario certainly would explain things.
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