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Re: Unique strengths of each series ?

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Also the feeling of not being ashamed to impose an ideal on other civilizations, or to fight for it (I don't mean that the first one is necessarily a good thing in real life, but still, after seeing some TNG 'prime directive' eps, i find it very refreshing to watch a 'What ? In this alien culture, the master computer enslaves the human population? WE HAVE TO DESTROY THAT COMPUTER AND TEACH THEM THE TRUE MEANING OF FREEDOM!' - Kirk episode).

So... what do you think ?

Ugh, I recoil at the idea that the USA, UFP or anyone need to go teach alien species of our ideals. Its not really the job of any of these organizations to do that, also presumptuous and highly distasteful. The Prime Directive, imperfectly shown on each Trek series and in some movies, is meant to keep us from heading in this dangerous direction, based on the benefit of learning from Earth history.

In some cases, yes. But in the case of a tyrant imposing his will on a defenseless population, it's not the same thing. That is not 'Imposing our ideals', it's defending people's basic rights. Especially in the case where the tyrant is a machine.

The UFP should believe in every individual's right to self determination. Protecting tyrants' right to dominate their population is not protecting people's rights to hold their own ideals.

You can't choose not to follow the Federation's ideals if you don't have the right to make the choice. Or if your planet gets hit by a meteor and Picard says, 'Nope, can't interfere with evolution'.
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