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Main difference for me was that Star Trek was great

And The Next Generation was shit
Tell us how you really feel.
Over the years I have tried to like Next Gen in the way I grew up loving Star Trek, but I just cant, its all so wussy, so bloody politically correct, Picard for me is an old starch collared geriatric residing over a failed Shatner lookalike and a complete weirdo counsellor who some say is a sex symbol.

James T Kirk would never have suffered a child piloting the ship, or god forbid, an android who wanted to be a human, although Brent Spiner does impress in the role.

In fact, half the malevolent jokers that Picard encountered would have been sorted by James T just delivering a upward headbutt or a double legged drop kick to the chest.

Ships Captains should be prepared to spill blood, punch and be punched for the good of the ship, and the good of Mankind, thats how in later Trek I could empathise with Archer.

Thank you
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