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Re: Best DS9 Fan Trailer?

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Hey, I dig your avatar, Odo! Where'd you get it?
Let's just say I got it from a friend in the Gamma Quadrant. Someone who values staying off the radar.

I wanted to give a shout out to the 2010-theatrical trailer as well. I think that might be my 2nd favorite, though it's hard to say.
It has a great sequence of dialogue -
a monologue by Sisko about earth and Federation ideology, then dialogue between Weyoun and Sisko on the Dominion and Federation, Dukat on his reputation, a return to the Weyoun/Sisko dialogue, space battling, Dukat loosing it, and finally Sisko on Dukat.

We certainly have heard much of this in other trailers, but I think it's dramatically well sequenced here.

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