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Re: Ferengi Military

Aside from the war against the Dominion I would not say that commerce protection nor shipping lane protection would need the level of commitment shown in the Earth world wars against the submarine threat. It is more in line of protecting against Somali pirates. If a starship is in the area then Starfleet takes an interest and shadows the threat. Now does the Grand Nagus control enough assets to do the same leading to a Ferengi military? Or would the Nagus secure in the knowledge that Starfleet will do the heavy lifting have a smaller private contractor based military?

From what I have seen a Marauder privateer being paid by the insurance company or merchant prince and occasionally seizing a prize would be the Ferengi form of military. Just enough guns on a merchantman to deter the easy loss and with the occasional cruiser visit to knock down the pirates best technology. As the Japanese and South Korean analogy goes would the Federation stand aside anymore the the US Navy will stand aside if the Russian fleet were to target Japanese ships? Serbian ships?.....
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