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Re: Amazing Spiderman #700

And hell for the price of one TPB you could buy a year's worth of Marvel Digital Unlimited and read thousands of comics. I seriously think that once they fix the Beta reader for tablets/phones - unless you're REALLY anxious to read a story - there'd be very little reason to buy back catalog digital comics - or even print - when you can read entire runs online.

Even at 9.95 a month it's still a bargain - 9.95 barely buys you 2-3 issues. (Or even at the best 9 -.99cent digital comics)

I thought I was pretty much over buying print comics when I got my iPod Touch and started reading digital comics on it - but now that I have a tablet, buying print seems almost "meh". Unless I can get it super cheap in a back issue bin or on one of the apps or on the MCDU service, I don't really buy print anymore. And as someone who's print collection is probably a couple thousand over the past 20 some odd years I've been collecting, for the first time I've actually been considering selling some of the better looking comics in my collection - something that I NEVER would have considered in a million years before.
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