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Re: I miss Star Trek.

I am an Atlantis fan.. I would probably agree with everyone's Atlantis bashing but I still love it. I love it not being set on Earth, I love the CITY!!! The Flying City!! and the view from the balconies. And of course you know who. And the colors, there's something about all that blue..

I've watched one season of Farscape and it has yet to grab me, I'm afraid it got shoved to the back burner in favor of SG:1. But it seems I am missing something. I do love Bab 5 very much, I think it's far superior to Trek and as I've said before if there was a Bab5BBS as active as this one I'd be there.

Lynx I can't stand all those alphabet procedural shows.. and I have never figured out the appeal after whatever the initial one was. That said I owe them a debt because they gave Stargate Atlantis an opportunity to do one of my favorite episodes ever, Vegas.

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