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Greg Cox
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Re: I miss Star Trek.

I'd recommend Babylon 5 over Farscape. It has more emotional content. Then again didn't get that far into Farscape, maybe it has more as the series goes on. QUOTE]

It really, really does. There's already a "B5 vs. Farscape" thread going on in the general SF/Fantasy forum, so there's no need to rehash it here, but rest assured that Farscape has plenty of emotional content. The love story between Crichton and Aeryn is probably the most gripping love story in any scifi television series . . . ever. And then you have all the gut-wrenching drama with Moya and her son, Scorpius, Chiana, etc.

I'd go with Farscape over B5, but they're both great shows, to be sure.

(Full disclosure: I co-edited all the FARSCAPE novels and contributed to the official magazine. Don't have any professional connection to B5.)
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