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Re: Where was Earth's Leader?

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Maybe the Humans of the 22nd century when all this was being set up got some glass beads and lost their homeworld?
Remember what happen to the Ferengi home world's moon?
No, no I don't.

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150 member worlds, who each bought a few dozen systems in when they joined up.
LILY: How many planets are in this Federation?
PICARD: Over one hundred and fifty ...

I do kind of assume that means 150+ species home ("birth") planets. Let's say that Starfleet encounters a small interstellar republic, 10 species home worlds and each home world has 9 colonies. 100 planets total. They are convinced to join the Federation, I think that would mean only 10 additional seats on the council, not 100.

It would depend on what the Federation membership considers a "unit" for a seat.

Do the other seven planets in Earth's solar system count?

I assume those planets are colonized and have federation governors, unless the entire solar system is reclassified as Earth and the other planets and dwarf planets and smaller, are legally regarded as countries from Earth or even cities from Earth.
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