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Re: Do you think Star Trek needed a reboot?

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Back on topic, rebooting Star Trek is the best thing to ever happen to it. Let's be honest, Star Trek was dead. After driving the movie series into the ground and ending Enterprise with the single worst episode of its run, Trek wasn't really going anywhere.
I don't think a reboot of continuity was needed, just a reboot of creative energy and marketing. Doctor Who ran for 26 seasons before being cancelled in 1989. It returned in 2005 and was a complete continuation of the old continuity. It just marketed itself to a new audience and didn't rely on old continuity. I think Trek would have gotten along fine doing that.
Doctor Who has been rebooted several times during its own run, the concept is built into the show. Just say the Doctor has been on his own for a while and reintroduces villains and concepts to the audience through the companion. It's one of Doctor Who's strengths that other shows lack. You can't really do that with Star Trek, the closest they came to that was creating new crews that audiences cared about less and less.
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Whatever I think of the movie itself, Abrams made the right move by rebooting the franchise. No one was going to get excited by another film featuring Modern Trek characters nor do I think anyone would've been excited by generic characters in a universe that was a continuation of the Prime universe.
I think so long as a likable actor was playing the character, modern blockbuster audiences wouldn't care who was in the captain's chair or who his first officer was.
Actually they would. Audiences aren't stupid, they know about Kirk and Spock if only by osmosis. Classic Star Trek is part of our culture if you've never seen a single episode or movie. Everyone knows "Beam me up, Scotty", "He's dead Jim" and the Vulcan hand sign. The only crew that audiences really seemed to connect to besides the original was TNG, who were aging and not really wanting to do another movie. Plus all the Next Generation films went downhill from First Contact and Nemesis was so bad it killed the movie franchise. It would have been difficult to make a movie with the DS9 and VOY crews, mainly because only Trek fans knew about them and even less cared. There would definitely not be an ENT movie either. A movie series based on an entirely new crew wouldn't work either, the whole movie would have to be focused on getting to know them and how they work together. It would bomb. To compare it to Doctor Who, it would be like the 60s Doctor Who movies. There is a character similar to the Doctor. But he's a human called Doctor Who and it has no connection to what people know.

By rebooting it, we were able to return to the Kirk era with the only characters that most audiences ever truly gave a damn about. They didn't have to display who most of them are because we know them already. We don't have to have Scotty's job explained, he's the engineer. We get slightly different motivations for the characters, but it works and makes them seem like flesh and blood people. This gets the general population who only know the classic series. Toss in the sex and explosions and they get excited about a Star Trek movie. It also introduces them to the universe and may inspire them to check out the rest. It also gets the fans due it being a new take on classic characters.
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