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ENTER - ENT AV Contest: Carbon Creek-Food/Drink-Parters/Sidekicks

Happy New Year(or near enough) everyone and welcome to another edition of the awesome Enterprise Avatar contest!

Before we get into this one, let's recap our previous contest!

And in a tight race for Episode victor it's a tie between:

Star Grinch (R.Star)

and Little Miss Christmas (Miss Lemon)

with Shanndee a close second.

Theme went to:
jinglebellrok (lurok)

Star Grinch (R.Star)

Santa JiNX (JiNX-01)
Took her picture down, but still gets a puppy kiss
tied for second place.

Random Theme was a clear win for

with Little Miss Christmas (Miss Lemon)

as runner up.

Congratulations to all the winners and runner ups of last contest! Now to this one!

Episode: Carbon Creek. Vulcans in the 50's. Like a fish out of water but so much more funny, what's not to love about this episode?

ENT Theme: Food & Drink. Be it blue booze or pan fried catfish, our favorite 22nd century crew has seen some strange new beverages and eaten what no man has eaten before!

Random theme: Partners & Sidekicks. Every main character has them, so let's take this chance to honor the support characters for both the good guys and bad!

Standard rules apply, no bigger than 150x150 pixels and there's a size requirement but I don't recall what it is and can't say it's ever been an issue.

All players new and old are welcome, and please ask if you have any questions! Let's have a fun one!
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