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Re: Do you think Star Trek needed a reboot?

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But surely having Spock in it would be more of a stigma than not? Spock is associated by the general Star Trek hating public as a nerd icon. Somebody that nerds like. The type of people who make "hilarious" jokes about people living in their mother's basement (NEVER GETS OLD!) would be turned off by a movie with Kirk and Spock in a way they wouldn't have been with new characters and no Vulcans on the bridge.

It's fun to speculate.
Well that movie exists and those people were not turned off, no speculation is necessary.
In fact, Spock is probably the most popular character from it.

Back on topic, rebooting Star Trek is the best thing to ever happen to it. Let's be honest, Star Trek was dead. After driving the movie series into the ground and ending Enterprise with the single worst episode of its run, Trek wasn't really going anywhere. Thankfully, we got a movie that not only honored the past, but speaks to current audiences. It saved Star Trek and is merely the start of future greatness.

I'd been saying for years, Trek needed a reboot. Canon had become to much a mess and the franchise felt like it was suffering from small world syndrome. The sense of scale was gone.

I'll admit I didn't like the '09 movie when it came out. But I blame a lot of that over still being annoyed with the middle figure we got with TatV and not having a lot of faith in the new actors. I gave the movie some time off--about a year or so--came back and found that I enjoy it. Take it on its own merits without all the baggage from the original franchise, and it's an enjoyable movie.

Still, I miss my lava lamp engine cores from the TOS movies.
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