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Re: Do you think Star Trek needed a reboot?

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Back on topic, rebooting Star Trek is the best thing to ever happen to it. Let's be honest, Star Trek was dead. After driving the movie series into the ground and ending Enterprise with the single worst episode of its run, Trek wasn't really going anywhere.
I don't think a reboot of continuity was needed, just a reboot of creative energy and marketing. Doctor Who ran for 26 seasons before being cancelled in 1989. It returned in 2005 and was a complete continuation of the old continuity. It just marketed itself to a new audience and didn't rely on old continuity. I think Trek would have gotten along fine doing that.
But it's really an apples and oranges comparison. JJ Abrams wanted to do Star Trek, specifically he wanted to do Kirk and Spock. The old continuity hemmed in the dramatic potential of a Kirk and Spock movie, we know when one dies and know that the other lives deep into the 24th century. It's tough to ramp up the danger when you know nothing can happen to the characters your writing.

Whatever I think of the movie itself, Abrams made the right move by rebooting the franchise. No one was going to get excited by another film featuring Modern Trek characters nor do I think anyone would've been excited by generic characters in a universe that was a continuation of the Prime universe.

By the way, blaming liking a film on being stoned is a really, really weak way of trying to pass off your original thoughts as not reflective of what you really thought.
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