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I had a ST II dream last night. An alternative movie that had many endings like the last installment of the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

In this setting, I was seated in a theatre with a local talk host. It was the future, and everything was interactive. As it turns out, right after you see Spock slump down opposite the glass in death, and Kirk slump on the near side in dispair, A person (off dream I suppose) beamed a dying Spock into a stasis chamber. Sort of like the DC comics that filled dead spaces in films with stories.

They even made it to Earth. Every square inch of nature was gentrified, removed of all trash. Tube trains running by rivers that formed long streets.

Spock was kept alive and even alert, but it could not last. He was very weak.

I managed, while in my seat, to--as kirk in the film, throw away a hypo filled with a fluid that would end his suffering, as McCoy wanted (the "Remember" deal not setting in yet).

There were endless debates. The crew was surrounded by cyber gawkers who intruded on their privacy. People questioning why they did what they did in space.

I could begin to see why the crew wanted to stay away from this clean dystopia.

At last, sitting on a bench near a stream that was perfectly straight and gardened on either side, Kirk made the decision to let his friend go. I woke up before I saw him use the hypo.. Here, in the dream, Enterprise had just preliminary repair in Spacedock, was sent back out to the Genesis planet, where we see the tube funeral.

There they returned straight away.
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