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Giving Enterprise another chance

I quit Enterprise near the start of season 3. I thought seasons 1 and 2 were generally mediocre with a handful of utter atrocities like the 'Teaching the village to defend itself from Klingons' episode or the one where they pulled the prime directive out of their butts and used it as an excuse not to treat a plague. The last straw for me was when Phlox prescriped Trip erotic vulcan massages to cure his headaches and they led to a makeout session.

But, this board has convinced me to give it another chance, so I'm starting fresh from the start of season 3.

It's not as bad as I remember so far but still has nothing much to hook me. Some of the story ideas are good, but the dialog is aggressively on the nose all the time. "You won't torture me captain. You're too moral!" Yeah, that's true, he can't torture you because he's too moral. But *please* find a more interesting way to say it!

But nothing to drive me off yet, so I'll keep watching for now.
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