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Security Chief Kim...really?

I tried reading the Voyager Relaunch books, but they were just so bland that I gave up.

Here they had the chance to introduce some amazing new characters, but aside from the Trill doctor they were all human and pretty weak. Why did they not have a new Cardassian helm officer? Someone who would be a great source of conflict fo the former Maquis that remained aboard, or other little things like that? I can't stand when crews are written and they follow the TV theme of lots of humans. Alien characters are often far more interesting and have great perspectives to read from.

But the one thing I found really pretty unbelievable was Harry Kim becoming the new Security Chief. Promote him yes, but leave him at Ops. There was nothing in the series that ever made him out to be a tactican or a fighter, so where did that come from?
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