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Re: A three film comparison/face-off...

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One of the trailers was a young Jim Kirk dumping a classic car off a cliff cause he's, like, troubled or something.


I'll take my chances missing it.
Which, despite what some may say, is a perfectly valid way to decide whether a movie appeals to you or not. If you're turned off by the trailers, there's no reason at all to spend time and money watching a movie that's obviously not for you.

Of course, it also means that your opinion about Star Trek isn't worth much.
Go back and read what I wrote more carefully.

Quote moi:

Star Trek: Still ain't seen it. Still don't intend to, because the trailers sucked huge. And I don't care what people think of me saying that.
I wasn't giving an opinion of a movie I haven't seen, which, as you say, would be worthless. I was giving an opinion of trailers I'd seen ad nauseum going to other movies and the decision I made based on them, which as you also said, I had every right to do.

By the way, an opinion of a movie that one hasn't seen may be worthless, but negatively commenting on an opinion that wasn't actually offered is kinda stupid.
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