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Re: Last Classic Who Story you watched

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Watched Day of the Daleks last night. More Pertwee goodness (loved him dealing with a guerrilla without spilling a drop of the wine he was holding, then proceeding to drink said wine as though nothing had happened),
Yeah, that's one of my favourite scenes. I also appreciate the Doctor's casual disregard concerning personal property in this one.

Orac Zen wrote: View Post
but this serial isn't exactly a high point of his tenure and it was interesting to learn that (apparently) neither he nor Katy Manning thought much of it. The new Dalek voices and sound effects didn't do much for me. The Brigadier was in superb form but aside from that and Pertwee's usual brilliance, this wasn't quite as good as I'd remembered it.
Oh, I was thinking about rewatching this recently, this time on DVD because I also remembered it as being quite good. I believe I read somewhere that Jon and Katy didn't like it because of the underwhelming number of enemies during the assault and thought it was silly for that reason.

The Borgified Corpse wrote: View Post
I'm currently making my way through "The War Games" again. I think I left off around Part 6. This story gets better each time I see it (other than some of the dodgy Southern accents in the American Civil War zone). While it is very long, it's also pretty well paced and has a nice build up as it keeps dropping hints about the origins of the Doctor & the War Chief.
Interesting. I wouldn't call it well paced at all, at least when looking at all of it. Some of the plot struck me as needlessly repetitive and I think it would benefit greatly from being two episodes shorter. I did love the Timelords part of the story.

I've also felt like rewatching some Pertwee era serials. I watched The Three Doctors and really enjoyed it despite the somewhat silly and shallow storyline for the banter between the Doctors, especially Two and Three, and the Brig, the quirky supporting characters, the various 'people discover the inside of the Tardis' scenes and lots of memorable lines.

Right now, I'm watching The Mind of Evil and so far, it's as good as I remembered. This one has some of my favourite Third Doctor scenes and I just love the interaction between him and the Master.
Now with a theme tune.
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