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Re: Where was Earth's Leader?

Guy Gardener wrote: View Post
Maybe the Humans of the 22nd century when all this was being set up got some glass beads and lost their homeworld?
Remember what happen to the Ferengi home world's moon?

Guy Gardener wrote: View Post
150 member worlds, who each bought a few dozen systems in when they joined up.
LILY: How many planets are in this Federation?
PICARD: Over one hundred and fifty ...

I do kind of assume that means 150+ species home ("birth") planets. Let's say that Starfleet encounters a small interstellar republic, 10 species home worlds and each home world has 9 colonies. 100 planets total. They are convinced to join the Federation, I think that would mean only 10 additional seats on the council, not 100.

It would depend on what the Federation membership considers a "unit" for a seat.

Sci wrote: View Post
... the necessity of making sure your capital polity has both its own government, and equal representation in the legislature.
Residents of the Brazilian federal district elect eight representatives and three senators, but the federal district isn't a state. It isn't necessary for Washington DC to be a state, for it's resident to have representation in the federal legislature.

Moving the current Maryland state boundaries to enclose all the residential areas would be better. The areas wouldn't even have to be continuous, there could be "islands" of Maryland in the new, smaller District of Columbia. I believe the term is "pene-exclave."

To drive to one part of Washington State, you briefly have to enter Canada.

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