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Re: How many reset buttons?

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I really hate when people just make a Voyager hate thread...its so annoying yes there was so many reset buttons,but it was very well made and so original,not many series can pull it off. people who hate reset buttons go watch DS9.
oh wait they had to reset and reuse the same CGI over and over,oh and everyone had their shields offline oh and we had fire explosions in space oh oh and we have to survive idiotic characters on the space station that are useless. yes i am very angry because i did not workout this week...Voyager ran for 7 years so yes it was good with or without reset buttons.
You post about how much you hate people being critical of Voyager... then proceed to rip into DS9? A bit of a contradiction there I think.
Not a contradiction at all i am just trying to show people that they will always accept or ignore the issues of most series but when it comes to Voyager its unforgivable they criticize it very harshly while many others were as much or more inconsistent. my main issue is with those ridiculous threads to bash the show indirectly it gets annoying.
The difference is the constant use of the reset button undermined the premise in Voyager. In TNG, the Enterprise can go to a star base for repairs, Voyager can't do that, so if the ship heavily damaged in one episode, but fine in the next, it will be glaring.
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