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Re: Star Wars: The Old Republic anticipation thread.

Whizzer wrote: View Post
The Sacrifice ability is a pretty great idea for that encounter, I only discovered that when I switched to healing for the first time at Lvl 50.
Yeah, when I first got it, I thought I'd never really use it as things would have to be pretty dire to need it in PvE. So much so that I moved it off my Quickbar. Which is why I forgot about it. I only remembered about it while I was dropping off to sleep later in the day.

I can see it being very useful as a dedicated healer though.

But in that Paladius fight, using it really was an "unlimited POWAAH!" type moment.

IMO Tatooine has a great feel to it. I found cruising across the dunes with your speeder very much like the actual Star Wars movie.
Reverend wrote: View Post
Tatooine is fun to explore and it was my favourite planet in KotOR too. It's that sense that you're exploring the inside of a Ralph McQuarrie painting that I found very enjoyable.
That's exactly it; they've got the look & feel of the planet spot-on.

Plus, I think part of it is the sheer contrast between the wide-open beautiful (if harsh) space and the claustrophic, badly-lit, neon Nar Shaddaa that you've just left.
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