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Re: Do you think Star Trek needed a reboot?

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- Why you liked ST09 so much when it first came out
This is off-topic but to save me being stalked through another four threads. I hadn't seen Trek in a long time, saw the JJ film after getting stoned with some friends and really liked it. I then rewatched TOS, TNG and DS9 before seeing it again and hated it, finding that it lacked anything I'd enjoyed in the shows.

- Why you think being questioned about this is "mudslinging" when it clearly is not
Being stalked through thread after thread where this isn't to do with the topic is irritating. This is a thread about the necessity of the continuity reboot, not about how my opinion has changed over the years since release of a movie. Yet the same damn user has followed me here to bring up the same argument again. If he genuinely cared about the answer he'd PM me, he's just causing a fight in public for attention and I find it pathetic.

- Why the need to be snarky because people disagree with the your current opinion of AbramsTrek
I'm only snarky to the rude and the ignorant. My social skills aren't very good I admit but that's something I always try to work on. I'd explain why but I don't want to be stalked through thread after thread and be heckled over it.

Why you consider your opinion is, somehow, fact
I don't get what this means. Explain.
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