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Re: A three film comparison/face-off...

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Mind you Trek has been on a down slide for years so one could be forgiven for thinking things weren't going to get any better anytime soon. And in this case Admiral2's suspicions (and mine) were dead on. The fact that it was commercially popular is largely meaningless (at least to him) because lots of garbage movies are commercially popular.
Your position on the movie is well-known. As far as I'm concerned, Star Trek is not a perfect movie but undoubtedly the most fun and enjoyable of all the Trek films, and the reason why the franchise is no longer on the down slide.

I thought Prometheus was appalling, a mind-numbing mess with a truly terrible script and a waste of a very talented cast. The Dark Knight Rises was engaging had some excellent performances but the pace was uneven and in some respects, the script felt like a first draft.
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