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Re: Django Unchained--Tarintino's new project

Thought it was really good as well, although not quite to the level of Inglourious. I found myself kind of missing the crazy detours and time jumps and side stories of his other movies. And despite the epic length, it felt like they tracked down Django's wife a little TOO quickly and easily.

But still, Foxx, Waltz and DiCaprio were all amazing to watch, and by the end Django had become such a cool, absolutely badass character I found myself wishing we could see more of him in a sequel.

And despite what some critics say, I never got the sense Tarantino was trivializing the subject matter in the slightest. He may have had some fun with his characters, but the ugliness and awfulness and barbarity of the actual act of slavery still comes through loud and clear in this movie-- and probably stronger than I've ever seen it.
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