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Re: Do you think Star Trek needed a reboot?

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So what happened to Nero between his encounter with Thor and the destruction of Vulcan?
We don't know what happened, it's a loose end. But loose ends are not plot holes.
I could argue that it becomes a plot hole when he could have done whatever it is Nero's want to do at anytime in the next 20 years....but I see your point.

The loose end also becomes loosier because we're wondering why the hell Nero is fighting a Klingon fleet of 50 ships.

edit: For myself, I thought him being in a Klingon prison (and ESPECIALLY having a psychic connection with the borgified* Narada) was dumb, and since it didn't make it to the fanwank was he just tooled around waiting for Spock to appear**

*Just being future tech is better

** There's your TV series!!
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