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Re: Do you think Star Trek needed a reboot?

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Are you even capable of making relevant points in a debate beyond inarticulate mud-slinging?
What debate? Your having an opinion with which I choose to disagree is not a debate so much as simply disposing of the matter at hand.

Reminding you that you absolutely loved Abrams's first Star Trek movie and stated as much doesn't constitute "mud slinging" by any rational use of the phrase; it's not as if you're being accused of something deplorable or that some terrible untrue allegation is being made.

It is, however, entirely relevant to evaluating how seriously one ought to regard your unequivocal and rather strident statements of opinion at any given moment. When you assert that various aspects of the movie are clearly objectionable on their face or that it's being directed at an audience of some sort that you regard as unimportant or less perceptive than yourself, then you're contradicting the fact that when you watched it none of that was part of your own initial aesthetic response to the movie. As one minor example, complaining about stuff like the use of lens flares as distracting or on some other grounds makes no sense at all when it clearly didn't bother you a bit in the summer of 2009.
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