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Re: Do you think Star Trek needed a reboot?

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I have no time for hecklers
That's understandable and I'm sure you realize that it's something we all have in common.

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I reject the idea that Nuverse is a canon-free Valentine's card for new viewers. The movie ITSELF doesn't even make any sense unless you get on the internet/buy the related comics/read what scenes were cut.
It made perfect sense to me, and I haven't read any comic or seen any cut scenes.
So what happened to Nero between his encounter with Thor and the destruction of Vulcan?

Anyway, I admit I conflated the truth, that you don't get a full explanation until the film is halfway over (Meeting Old Spock) with the idea that you don't get a full explanation at all. My bad.

So I'm changing from 'it doesn't make any sense' to 'it's got a deleted scene plot hole and is kind of confusing until you meet Old Spock'*

*Unless, like most people (IMO) you have some idea of the plot just from stumbling across it.
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