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Re: I miss Star Trek.

People don't like Stargate Universe? I thought it was at least much better than Atlantis.

Exploring where everyone has gone before? Dude, four words: Trans-galactic warp drive. There's a whole big universe out there, maybe the next galaxy doesn't even have humanoids. Maybe it has giant sentient dog creatures, or it's dominated by planet-sized space beings, or goo creatures (Ones that can't take solid form). For all the stuff about tolerating other creatures we never met sentient creatures even as different as we see in the Ender series, don't you want to see that story told of creating diplomacy with creatures who are completely alien to us without making them superior energy beings?

But yeah, Viacom certainly has no intention of telling more stories in the 24th century. Which I think is a waste of a universe. And I wish they hadn't established the stupid precedent that everyone and their grandmother has a time machine in the 29th century.

And I'm sure the novels are great, but here's the thing about reading Star Trek novels, IMO. When I have free time, there are two moods I'm in. Short attention span mood and long attention span mood.

Long attention span mood leads me to want to read novels, and short attention span mood wants me to watch TV. But when I'm in long attention span mood, I lean toward long attention span books. That is not Star Trek.

I'd recommend Babylon 5 over Farscape. It has more emotional content. Then again didn't get that far into Farscape, maybe it has more as the series goes on. It seemed to me a kind of show like Stargate where they just recycle common space opera storylines with their own unique style and attitude.
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