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Re: AMC's The Killing renewed for season 3

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You just reiterated your belief that these were the wrong critics. I don't care the reason you think they're the wrong critics, whether because you think they didn't critique enough of of the show to make their opinions valid or whatever.

The critiques by Metacritic were offered as evidence of the show's "critical acclaim", you followed that by stating why you don't think the critiques at Metacritic are valid -- in other words, you're not accepting their critiques as valid. Thus my statement that (in your eyes) they are the wrong critics.

Now, you let me know if you require any additional handholding.
That's not what he said at all. How can this be so confusing? Those critics loved the early episodes and those reviews were used for metacritic but those SAME critics disliked the second half of the season. If you look at the second season you'll see a 25 point DROP as critics liked the show less and it would've been an even bigger drop but some critics didn't even bother to come back and review the show.
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