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do you think the metaphasic reaction collector thing at the end was supposed to be repeatable?
Possibly. It depends on the particles and their half life. The more radioactive something is, the shorter the half life. The particles would seem to be radiating something, that's how the people on the surface benefit from orbital particles that they're separated from by some distance.

I figure that the planet's magnetic field accumulated the particles over a period of time. Either from the Brier Patch, or more likely the system's star is emitting the particles.

If the particles have a half life of say a single century, then the rings would have to be continuous "re-supplied" at a fairly fast rate. If the half life is many thousands of years, then longer to re-supply. There no mention in the movie that the particles are going to be altered by the harvest, if anything you would want to be carefully not to change them in any way. Just collect them for transport to the Sona worlds and the hundreds of billions of people spread throughout the Federation who will benefit from them.

The particles could have a medical "endurance" of just centuries, or they could remain useful for many thousands of years.

So yes JarodRussell, it very possible that the Federation will be able to perform periodic harvests of the particles.

Which means the relocation would have killed all of the old Ba'ku, wouldn't it?
What would have happen to the Baku if they did leave? Was Anji actually rejuvenated from an old woman, to the middle aged woman we saw? If so, then the Baku would begin to age normally, and not rapidly age to 600 plus years, upon leaving.

On the other hand, was Anji a extremely old woman who was being held in a momentary state of relative youth, by constant exposure to the effects of the particles?

And is it possible that Geordi's eye were in fact permanently repaired, despite his statement in the movie?

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