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Re: Do you think Star Trek needed a reboot?

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I have no time for hecklers and internet white knights, address my points intelligently and maturely or I won't respond. If you want to spend your time spouting inane, blunt, irrational aggression then take your posts to the YouTube comments section where they belong.

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Moreover, couldn't they just have uh... made a story that doesn't require knowledge of continuity to understand instead of erasing all the continuity?.
Think of it as tearing off the bandaid in one fell swoop rather than suffering a dozen little stings and winces. Once you decide you want a fresh start, it's better to dispose of all the old "canon" quickly and efficiently rather than subject your new cycle of TREK movies to years of nitpicking and plot constraints . . . .

("But wait, Kirk can't meet the Borg now. That never happened in the original timeline. Canon violation!")

Now they have a clean slate to work with . . .
That's better .

I guess it depends where they go with this. The alt. timeline angle does open up some interesting story possibilities. It's just that despite the destruction of Vulcan, the last film soon rushed the situation to the status quo. I have a similar issue with the last X-Men movie rushing things to the status quo at the end.

Killing Kirk instead of Spock would be a pretty cool move .
It's a good thing the last movie, and upcoming one appears to be, so well filmed and done...because I maintain, the premise is built on a house of cards. I care about NuSpock some because of the time spent on his backstory (on the flipside he's really an asshole). I care even less about NuKirk and his death would have even less resonance with me than the crappy send-off they gave Shatner.

But I would be 100% behind a TV series with the NuCast. It's not like they're huge stars, and they'll all probably be doing TV series in five years anyway.*

*This is in responce to the suggestion that the cast would be too expensive to pay.
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