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Re: Do you think Star Trek needed a reboot?

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Greg Cox wrote:
Would you believe me if I told you that I'm actually a big fan of both "Measure" and First Contact? Indeed, to my mind, "Measure of a Man" was the first really good TNG ep, just as First Contact is far and away the best of the TNG movies.
I really enjoyed First Contact before I became a Trekkie. Now I still think it's a fun action movie but there are too many insane contradictions that get in the way of me enjoying it. Now I'm left wondering why Picard is so obsessive about the Borg when he seemed pretty over his experience the last time he met them.

..and the concept of the Borg Queen is just impossible to wrap my head around. Just a way of dumbing the Borg down to make em more traditional villains.
But you were a big fan, till you figured out it was flawed or beyond your comprehension.

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The public went to see JJ-Trek because it had a huge marketing push, a good looking cast of traditional action blockbuster heroes, lots of effects and lots of action.
Including yourself.

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DalekJim loved Abrams's first Star Trek movie when he saw it. He's posted that.
Are you even capable of making relevant points in a debate beyond inarticulate mud-slinging?
Understandable you'd want that little bit of info swept under the rug given how it totally destroys your argument.

You, like millions of other people walked out of the theater smiling, feeling good and exchanging agreements on what a good movie it was. THAT is all the TPTB are required to deliver, that is what you paid your $$ to receive and you, based on your own statements, confirmed they fulfilled your expectations for seeing a good film.

What happens next; going to TBBS, after people have had time to think about it, discover plot holes and what ever else it turns out was actually wrong with the film, doesn't count. Doesn't invalidate the happiness you felt after first viewing of the film. You still got your moneys worth.

If you'd been sitting there during the flick, grumbling under your breath at what you were instantly perceiving as flaws, you could get up and go get a refund and be within your right to gripe but that didn't happen, you stayed till credits rolled.

Bottom line; the film did what it was designed to do, it owned your ass to the end and beyond. Deal with it.

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Moreover, couldn't they just have uh... made a story that doesn't require knowledge of continuity to understand instead of erasing all the continuity?
Firstly nothing was erased. That's all your mind.

[EM]That may have been considered/rejected. Perhaps someday, after the Nuverse does its thing, Paramount may be willing to try a tent-pole application to the post NEM prime time. I am not holding my breath for it to happen though.
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