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Re: UT: Refugee Crisis/Dark Territory-"Stealing Fire"

Thanks again for reading and commenting. This story is almost done. But there might be a shock or two left.

************************************************** ****************

USS Erickson
Main Turboshaft

Andraste held her arms and legs at bent angles, as if she was skydiving, and in a way she was. Her eyes were rapidly adjusting to each new layer of darkness, searching for something, anything that could save her life. She didn’t know how long the shaft was or how much of it she had traversed. It had taken her an interminable amount of time to overcome her fear and panic. Hopefully she still had enough space left to pull off the impossible, which usually was very possible for Angosian super-soldiers.

With her enhanced eyesight, she caught glimpses of the ladder rings running the length of the shaft. Both of her arms shot out to grab hold. She bit down a scream as both of her shoulders were nearly wrenched from their sockets at the violent arrest of her fall. Her body slammed into the other rings, producing a fresh round of pain throughout her body. Andraste grunted and held on for dear life.
************************************************** ***************

Jov’k Tholis
Calcite-class battlecruiser

The large, pyramidal ship cut through the gaseous fog. Commander Narskene, at the bridge’s command center, sent a mental command. Hir Sensor and Weapons Officers scanned the two ships before them.

While waiting for their replies, Narskene regarded the scene on the triangular main viewer. The Federation starship was darkened, its silvery hull blackened where it hadn’t been punctured. “The work of mines,” s/he muttered, ordering the helm to bring the cruiser to full stop.

S/he didn’t want Jov’k Tholis to suffer the same fate as the Starfleet vessel. Narskene then shifted her head to the other ship. It was a smaller, Antares-style freighter. Though it hung in space before the starship, it looked none the worse for wear. So, this vessel must have tricked the starship into the minefield, Narskene surmised. And that made the denizens on the smaller vessel the deadlier foe due to their cunning.

“Commander,” the Sensor Officer chirped first. “Readings indicate that the Intrepid-class starship is operating on emergency power, while a massive polaric ion energy signature is emanating from the Antares freighter.”

“Weapons?” S/He asked hir weapons master. The heavy-limbed Weapons Officer replied.

“All weapons systems are offline for the Intrepid-class vessel. And weapons are depowered for the Antares-class freighter.”

“Excellent,” Narskene said. “Target all of our weapons on the freighter, along the area where the polaric ion readings are strongest. Once the shielding has been overwhelmed, I want the locus of the polaric ion emanations beamed to Cargo Hold One and held within an annular confinement beam.”

The susurrus of mental replies was sufficient for the commander. “Now, on my mark, fire!”
************************************************** **************

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